video | Opening the Heart: Empowering Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Heart Opening Vinyasa yoga practice

vinyasa yoga 60-minuteheart openingvinyasa yoga practice Welcome to our heart-opening Vinyasa yoga practice! In this session, we’ll guide you through a sequence designed to unlock and expand the chest, shoulders, and heart center, inviting a deep sense of compassion, openness, and emotional release. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, this […]

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video | Cardio Kickboxing Core Fusion: Full-Body Fitness

cardio kickboxing and core fusion 30-minute full body cardio & Core This workout combines kickboxing moves with core exercises for a full-body workout. It improves cardiovascular endurance, strengthens the core muscles, and can be modified for different fitness levels. It’s a fun way to burn calories and build strength. – yoga mat (optional) Simply adjust Spotify’s volume to a……

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video | 4-Minute Workout – Simple, Effective & No Equipment

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4 minute workout by zach bush - nitric oxide dump

4-minute workout simple + effective & no equipment Alright friends, it’s time for us to think differently about exercise. If you’ve been on this health journey for a while, you know that exercise is the second most confusing thing right after nutrition. There are many different concepts and opinions on what kind of exercise […]

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video | 45-minute pilates for core & glutes

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mat Pilates 45-minute core + glute session An important foundation of movement (and life) is a strong, engaged core. So get ready to challenge your coordination, stability, and strength with this 45-minute mat Pilates session. There’s no equipment required, just hit play and get started! Whoops! Looks like you are not a member of […]

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video | mini resistance band workout

MINI RESISTANCE BAND WORKOUT 30-minutefull bodystrength session Together we will move through a fun workout, focusing on lifting the butt, slimming the waist, toning the arms, and burning stored-up calories. As we move our body in a mindful way, we will be able to settle the noise and release stored-up emotions to help us […]

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video | Cardio Kickboxing Workout (Optional Light Weights)

30-Minute Cardio Kickboxing Workout | Optional Light Weights

cardio kickboxing 30 minutecardio kickboxing(optional light weights) Up for a high-energy, fat burning, full body workout today ? Than this 30-Minute CARDIO KICKBOXING is the perfect fit! We are combining the cardio aspect of kickboxing with strength training for one amazing workout! Use just your body weight or grab some light dumbbells for added […]

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video | 30-minute bodyweight strength

No Equipment Bodyweight Strength Workout

BODYWEIGHT STRENGTH 30-minute legs, glutes & core strength session This 30-minute strength workout is low-impact and quite chill. Take it as an opportunity to connect to your body and breath while still strengthening and toning your body. As we work through each exercise in the workout, we will focus on legs and glutes but […]

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video | 45-minute Pilates: Core + Back Strengthening

45 minute Pilates - core and back body strengthing

pilates | deep core 45 minute pilates session core + back body strengthening This full body pilates session will strengthen your entire body through a fusion of mobility, back strengthening and core exercises. Remember to always listen to your body, be patient/kind to yourself, breathe and most importantly – have fun! Whoops! Looks like […]

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video | 45-minute spring cleansing yoga flow

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yoga flow 45-minute spring cleanse yoga flow In this session, we will be working through a series of twisting poses, teamed with some fun balances and effective breathing techniques to help us energize the body and mind. This will be a great practice to help us let go of the old, and bring in […]

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video | 30-minute Kickboxing HIIT

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30-minute cardio kickboxing workout

kickboxing HIIT 30-minute cardio & strength + bonus abs Move your body, break a sweat and have fun during this 30-minute CARDIO KICKBOXING HIIT WORKOUT! Intervals will be 40 seconds on and 10 seconds rest. A warm-up and cool-down are included along with 4 min of ABS at the end. You can do this […]

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video | Quick Full Body Warm Up

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Quick Full Body Warm Up

WARM UP Quick full body warm up Every body is unique and we all experience different areas of tightness or weakness more than others so this is a simple full body warm up that you can follow or change to suit your needs. Honour your body where it is, and that can be different […]

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