video | Opening the Heart: Empowering Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Heart Opening Vinyasa yoga practice

vinyasa yoga 60-minuteheart openingvinyasa yoga practice Welcome to our heart-opening Vinyasa yoga practice! In this session, we’ll guide you through a sequence designed to unlock and expand the chest, shoulders, and heart center, inviting a deep sense of compassion, openness, and emotional release. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, this […]

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video | 45-minute spring cleansing yoga flow

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yoga flow 45-minute spring cleanse yoga flow In this session, we will be working through a series of twisting poses, teamed with some fun balances and effective breathing techniques to help us energize the body and mind. This will be a great practice to help us let go of the old, and bring in […]

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video | Power Yoga For Strong Legs & Core

power yoga for strong legs and core

POWER YOGA 45-minuteyoga practice forstrong legs & core If you are looking for a strong session that will get your heart rate up, break a sweat and challenge your muscles then this is it! In this 45-minute vinyasa flow yoga practice, we’re connecting breath to the movements as well as going through a nicely […]

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video | Chill Out Yoga – ease away anxiety

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30-minute home yoga practice

CHILL OUT YOGA 30-minuteyoga practice to ease away anxiety Join us for this 30-minute low to the ground yoga practice after a long day or any time of the day to reset your body and mind. The session includes a gentle combination of stretching, mindful movement and breathing, allowing you to soothe your body and […]

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