video | Cardio Kickboxing Workout (Optional Light Weights)

30-Minute Cardio Kickboxing Workout | Optional Light Weights

cardio kickboxing 30 minutecardio kickboxing(optional light weights) Up for a high-energy, fat burning, full body workout today ? Than this 30-Minute CARDIO KICKBOXING is the perfect fit! We are combining the cardio aspect of kickboxing with strength training for one amazing workout! Use just your body weight or grab some light dumbbells for added […]

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video | 45-Minute HIIT Full Body Cardio Workout

Full Body HIIT Cardio Workout

HIIT CARDIO WORKOUT 45-minutefull body HIIT CARDIO WORKOUT Today’s high-intensity interval workout is focusing on working your full body, no equipment is needed! You will burn fat, gain strength and build endurance with these fun bodyweight exercises that you can do from home. Get your mat, a bottle of water and enjoy this crazy […]

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video | 30-Minute High Intensity Cardio Kickboxing

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High Intensity Cardio Kickboxing Workout

cardio kickboxing 30 minute high intensity kickboxing session You will feel amazing after completing this fun and super sweaty high intensity cardio kickboxing workout. Remember: we all are different, so are our levels of fitness. Make every single workout YOUR OWN. Also, make sure to maintain a proper form while exercising. Feel free to […]

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Video | Low-Impact Cardio Workout (with a chair)

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No Equipment Home Cardio Workout by active vegetarian

LOW-IMPACTCARDIO 25 minute low impact cardio circuitusing a chair This 25-minute low-impact cardio circuit is for everyone — bad knees, bad hips, tired body, noise restriction and all. All exercises are easy on the joints with no jumping or running, however your heart rate will go up and your body will be challenged. Options […]

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