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An 8-week holistic experience to empower your path to health and transformation.

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registration opening Fall 2023

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A Road Map To Optimal Health & Wellness

Whether you are currently experiencing health challenges – or just in pursuit of a higher level of health and personal performance, this 8-week immersion program offers a unique opportunity to establish a solid foundation for healing and maintaining well-being at a higher level.

We will journey together for 8-weeks

Every week, through our online academy platform, you’ll receive a lesson, a meal plan, a shopping list, a fitness schedule, and additional resources to help cultivate a healthier relationship with yourself and the world around you.

Your journey will be supported by eight weekly small-group coaching sessions with Nikki and Zuzana. All sessions are approximately 90 minutes in length and conducted via Zoom video. These interactive sessions are a vital component of the Integrated Living program. They provide a unique opportunity to strengthen your knowledge and are designed to get you ready to apply what you learn to your daily life. A small group coaching environment is also an ideal way to stay committed to your goals and discover more about yourself in the process.

Because we want to ensure that you receive the attention and guidance required for success, space is very limited.

*Small-group coaching sessions will only be available during the designated time slots you select during registration. If you are unable to attend, a recording will be provided.


plant-based meal plans

new plant-based meal plan every week filled with delicious, healthy and easy recipes 

shopping lists

whole foods that are not crazy expensive and can be found in most grocery stores

video lessons

new weekly messages from Nikki and Zuzana introducing “lesson and assignment of the week”

progressive fitness schedule

progressive workout guide that includes on-demand follow along videos

supportive resources

accompanying PDFs, MP3, and articles to make this new lifestyle attainable

follow along movement

mindful movement and yoga practices that promote health and well-being at every level

live group coaching sessions

interactive Zoom sessions to get you ready to apply what you learn into your daily life

community support

community of likeminded individuals offering support and accountability

meet your coaches

Zuzana & Nikki

Holistic living practitioners, founders of ActiveVegetarian.com, authors of Vegan Weight Loss Manifesto and The Plant-Powered Athlete.

Both of us have been living a plant-based life for over two decades, and during this time we have encountered many amazing benefits this lifestyle offers. Overcoming personal health challenges along the journey have inspired us to emerge into the study of nutrition and holistic wellness. Over the years our passion has evolved to empowering and coaching individuals to take responsibility for not only their health, but their life experience as a whole.

We created the Integrated Living program to help you improve your health and transform the quality of your life in the comfort of your own home. You will learn how to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle by overhauling your eating habits, movement, mindset and daily routines. We’ll take this one step at a time so you won’t get overwhelmed. The Integrated Living course is a vehicle of change, loaded with helpful health information and practical knowledge and tools to enable you to take action and change your life one step at a time!

We are pleased that you’ve found this holistic online experience and we look forward to supporting you on your journey to a healthier and more conscious life!

$698 CAD

registration opening Fall 2023

Nikki and Zuzana in the kitchen creating plant-based recipes

what you will learn

program overview

The first step is to know what you want and set yourself up for success. When you’re clear about your purpose and your priorities, you can easily let go of  whatever does not support these, whether it’s unhealthy foods in your pantry or habits that no longer serve you. 
Some of the key points you’ll uncover:
+ How to set up a plant-based kitchen
+ Why walking is the most powerful way to improve your health
+ The importance of identifying your goals and how to find the motivation to accomplish them
Support materials included:
+ Clean Up Your Kitchen (mp3)
+ How To Choose The Right Shoes (video)
+ Personal Mission Statement (pdf)
We’ve found over and over again that changing multiple things at once doesn’t work very well. Your focus gets spread in too many directions, and in the long run you end up failing to stick to any of the changes. If you’ve tried and didn’t succeed at implementing multiple changes or habits before, this week you will learn how to change your life one habit at a time. 
Some of the key points you’ll uncover:
+ How to hydrate your body to improve health, performance and longevity
+ The importance of daily movement and how to combat sedentary lifestyle 
+ Sleep The missing key to optimal health 
Support materials included:
+ 12 Habits To Ensure A Good Night’s Sleep and Thrive (mp3)
+ Sit Less Move More (mp3)
+ How To Sit Smarter – Healthy Alternatives To Your Office Chair (video)
+ Water Tracking Sheet (pdf)
+ Bedtime Playlist (spotify)
The secret to living and enjoying healthy life —with wholesome diet, health-enhancing lifestyle habits, mindfulness and time for oneself—is finding balance. This week we will explore the strategies you need to achieve this all-important balance in your life—even in the face of chaos.
Some of the key points you’ll uncover:
+ How to portion your food in a healthy and nutritionally balanced way 
+ What is mobility? And why does this matter?
+ Simple technique to find peace, clarity, and center yourself in a stressed-out world
Support materials included:
+ The Plant-Based Plate (pdf)
+ Common Exercise Injuries + Ways To Stay In Shape While Injured (mp3)
+ Mobility Session #1 – Basics For A Healthy Spine (video)
+ Mobility Session #2 – Gentle Hip Opening (video)
+ Mobility Session #3 – Stretches to Improve Your Flexibility (video)
+ One Minute Meditation (video)
+ Steps You Can Apply + Right Now To Overcome Emotional Eating (mp3)
The way we think about ourselves and the world around us dramatically impacts our happiness, health, how fast or slow we age, and whether or not we create the life we adore. This week we will focus on practical and easy strategies for overcoming limiting believes and changing thought patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you. 
Some of the key points you’ll uncover:
+ Tools to make your weekly meal prepping easier, more efficient and enjoyable
+ The further we depart from nature, the more disorder and disease we face. Get back in touch
Support materials included:
+ Mobility Session #4 – Loosen Your Tight Hamstrings (video)
+ Mobility Session #5 – Cultivate Shoulder Mobility (video)
+ Mobility Session #6 – Full Body Movements (video)
+ Ways to Connect with Nature (mp3 + article)
+ Proper Preparation For Hiking (mp3 + article)
+ Soaking & Sprouting Chart (pdf)

When it comes to creating a sustainable, healthy lifestyle consistency is key. It’s the actions you take MOST of the time that create lasting results. But you probably know this, right? So what’s this missing piece? Let’s discover that missing piece together…

Some of the key points you’ll uncover:
+ How to make healthier choices when you are eating out
+ Why strength training is an important part of an overall fitness program
+ Learn to grow through joy rather than trough struggle and pain

Support materials included:
+ Strength Workout #1Bodyweight Basics (video)
+ Tips and Strategies for Dining Out (mp3 + article)
+ Importance of Strength Training and How to Get Started (mp3 + article)
+ What Brings Me Joy? journaling exercise (pdf)

To stretch ourselves, we must be intentional and mindful about the following truth: The only way to step into your greatness and become the source of light you are meant to be is to venture out of your comfort zone. But how do you do it?

Some of the key points you’ll uncover: 
+ Most common nutrient deficiencies, how to recognize them and correct them
+ Yoga – learn and explore the body and what it means to be and feel well
+ Practical tools for coping with changes and stress in healthy and positive ways 

Support materials included:
+ Strength Workout #2 – Build a Strong Core (video)
+ Yoga #1 – Connection to Breath (video)
+ Nutritional Deficiencies (Three Part Series) (mp3 + article)
+ How To Manage Stress In A Healthy Way (mp3 + article)

A lot of stress and unhappiness is caused by the pursuit of stuff. More money, a bigger house, a better car, more clothes, more this, more that. Do we really need it? What if all that is just an illusion, a conditioning we have been living under? Living simply is not about living in poverty or self-inflicted deprivation. It’s about slowing down, lessening the impact on the Earth, and strengthening the quality of our relationships.

Some of the key points you’ll uncover:
+ The FIVE ingredient challenge 
+ How to safely raise your heart rate (and lose weight)
+ Effective strategies for eating healthy under social pressure

Support materials included:
+Interval Training #1 – Tabata for Beginners (video)
+ Strength Workout #3 – Glutes on Fire (video)
+ Yoga #2 – Go Within (video)
+ Cardio Training Benefits + Weight Loss (mp3 + article)
+ Managing Social Pressure and Healthy Eating (article)

Think about all of the times you’ve made a decision, a choice or even a promise to yourself that would help you achieve your health goals. Maybe you’ve decided to cook dinner every night or walk each morning starting on Monday. Now how many of those decisions have you actually followed through on? Accountability is the pre-requisite to change and this week you will explore how to apply it to your life.  

Some of the key points you’ll uncover:
+ How to stay accountable to yourself and reach the health and wellness goals you set for yourself
+ Ending the yo-yo dieting cycle and letting go of bad habits, guilt, and anxiety around food once and for all

Support materials included:
+ Interval Training #2 – 15 Min Full Body (video)
+ Strength Workout #4 – Strong, Lean Legs (video)
+ Yoga #2 – Mind & Body Awareness (video)
+ How to break the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting (mp3 + article)
+ Accountability Sheet (pdf)


“Truly transformational and empowering for people interested in being healthy, happy and active."
Zoe Saldana client testimonial
Zoe Saldana
"...I am on week 16, and I have lost 11lbs and 8 inches, but that's not the best part, I feel stronger and leaner and so looking toward to moving forward. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.”
Fiona client testimonial
“Coaching and training with Zuzana and Nikki has been a continuous journey in learning how to connect to the body and inner self.I have learned to be in the moment and explore new possibilities in life."


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When you invest in Integrated Living 8-Week Online Program, you’ll receive…

  • Live Orientation Session 
  • Eight 60-90 minute Weekly Zoom Small Group Coaching Sessions with Zuzana & Nikki
  • Weekly Module Overview Videos
  • Online Learning Portal and Online Community Group for Support and Connection
  • Weekly Meal Plans, Recipes, Movement Videos & Reflection Practices 
  • NEW!! One 20-Minute Private Coaching Call

What You Need To Participate: The only equipment you’ll need is a computer, tablet or mobile device with an internet connection.

registration opening fall 2023

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